about us

More than who we are, is what we aim to achieve!

A new woman Fashion’s shop experience, super stylish at very competitive prices. 

That’s what we are here for. We felt the needs to create a fashion E-store based on specifics girls needs, focused just and only on a specific kind of woman style.   

Out there, is possible to have so many fashions offers, but in the end, all this is going to be just an impersonal way of “selling fashion items” thousand of thousand of clothes where the costumers are going to lose them self.  No one is going to be after the costumers, driving or suggesting them what to buy or even better, why to buy it!  For our shop, we decided to focused on a selected number fashion items and on a specific sizes from 38 to 44, for 2 main reasons, we are a start up with a limited amount of budget, and second we don’t want be like any other e-shop out there!  Any items on our shop, it’s already related to the others already presented in the shop. More than just a regular SHOP, it will be like a PERSONAL shopper.

And that’s also the reason that brought us to get Squeeze Magazine as our main partner, and not just a simple media partner, Squeeze is a relevant part of our alternative fashion project, we will fully interact with them, we will promote and support theirs main goals like their famous model contest SQUEEZE GIRLS, or their artists contest SQUEEZE TALENT and together able to create a unique Fashion shop experiences. Even more in some time on we will be also able to host new fashion brand propose by the magazine, they we will insert on our shop giving them a plus visibility and chances to start to selling their collection using our e-commerce platform.

An experience that will enrich you and new artist’s fashion generation