by Squeeze Magazine for Just Shot Shop

our super hot Squeeze Girl!!

photo  Gianguido Rossi

starring   ASIA Valente

make up Francesco Pergolizzi

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Under Gianguido Rossi lenses she become super hot girl,
presenting also our shop's new season collection, and giving them a touch of spicy.
We love to investing in our model contest, and we are the only one to do it for real thanks to our shop Just Shot Shop that also gives to many
girls the chances to wear super cool outfit at super easy price

New season is ready, and Asia she is always ready too.

There is always a time to choose.                                                                     A new season to change your mood or simply your way of showing yourself to the world, to give a new image to your mirror.                                                                                                          And the doors of a wardrobe are always open to new things. Black boots never too classic and irreplaceable pumps for steps always directed to your goals.                              

Belts to wrap without imprisoning your unforgivable nature Unmissable accessories to store more than one dream in the small and large compartments of your inseparable bag A trenchcoat because goose bumps do not come from the cold but from your emotions.       

Even a white shirt will never be trivial if you wear it with the innocence of an impertinent soul.               
Asia is not just a dress or an accessory but knows how to interpret the essence of an irrepressible femininity, shameless enough to make people talk about herself. She is the cloth with which her Outfits are sewn.         
So ….. be so perfectly a Squeezegirl so much to imagine that the tape wrapped around her can also become yours.



For Asia Valente, nothing in this time of her life is more important than become famous.
She got great weapons to use to hit the big time, and she is going to use all of them.

Coming from south Italy, this 21 yo girl is not failing any shot. Moving from Milan Paris and LA she is creating her personal/professional net of people.

She is fashion shopping aholic and party aholic as well.

She feels comfortable in any circumstance...even with no clothes.
Already 2017 Playmate for Italian Playboy. ,

she is not hiding the fact that
having a super " B side" could help a lot in this show-business,
and she knows how to take care of it......a lot, really a lot of SQUAT.

We wish to Asia all the best for her career hoping to be able to organize another super photo shooting together again soon.

......and............who will be the next Squeeze girl to visit us in Milan???