More the WHO WE are it would be interesting to understand what we want to get to.

Make you live not only a women’s fashion shopping experience, but a real unforgettable style experience, to which we want to combine the lowest prices around the web. What we try to offer to all women in the world is an online fashion store able to focus on the specific needs of the modern, romantic, dynamic and refined woman.

Out there are already thousands and thousands of online sites that aspire to “sell” clothing as if it were a normal thing, regardless of the fact that to do this you need to have it in your DNA and also have the skills to do it, that is, a qualified team of professionals born and raised in this area. We do not want to sell clothes, but to offer you the right fashion at the right time and at the best price.

We believe that presenting hundreds of brands only leads to confusing the attentive consumer, and that’s why our selection is made up of only a few specific brands able to give our customers the opportunity to buy even at a later time, without ever having to worry about the style of the garment, always in tune with the rest of our collection, Each garment can be combined with the other. This is what makes life easier for the modern woman.

We have also decided to focus only on some women’s sizes most congenial to us for taste and preparation, sizes ranging from 38 to 44 maximum. More than a shop, we aim to become your trusted store or even your personal shopper.

That’s why we also decided to collaborate in the creation of a young and current fashion magazine such as Squeeze Magazine, with which in addition to proposing fashion we propose new emerging talents who with our contribution can grow and grow this fantastic universe called Fashion.