How can we help you?

In the FAQ section, you can find the answer to your questions faster.


If you have made a refund, the refund will take place within ten business days from the date of delivery of the package to the courier. When we receive your return in stock, we will send you a confirmation email.

Did you pay with Paypal?

Activate the free paypalreturnservice andyou’ll receive the amount for the returned items and shipping fees you incurred for returning to the same Paypal account.

Did you make a prepayment with an early bank transfer?

The refund will be made in the same bank account.

Where is my order

After you finish your order, this will be in processing for up to two business days.

Shipping times

Given the current situation, delivery times may vary…

The order is usually shipped after 1 day.


We always ship by express courier.

The price of the delivery is calculated forfeit based on your area and is shown in the cart before the order is confirmed.

Where you deliver

It delivers worldwide

Shipping costs

For Italy € 7.00. Free above € 150.00

EU Europe and disadvantaged areas € 14.00. Free above € 200.00

Other international locations € 37.00. Free above € 200.00

The package will be delivered by courier DHL, POSTE ITALIANE, SDA, NEXIVE, UPS within 3-4- days.

Customs fees

The Just Shot Shop website provides all the necessary customs documentation for export, but the buyer pays the duties. If you buy from a non-EU country you may have to pay customs fees. We recommend that you check your merchandise at the following link. Search for Nomenclatures and Keywords Taric

How to track your shipment

The courier will send you an email to the email address indicated during the purchase with the tracking of the order.

If the package you received is damaged

If the courier has delivered you a damaged package, but the items are intact, you can use another box to make the return.

Incorrect delivery

If you have received an item you have not ordered we ask you to contact us and we will arrange the withdrawal.

Not home to receive the package?

The courier always makes two delivery attempts.

How can I find the item I’m looking for?

Search using a keyword: Enter a keyword in the search field at the top right and you’ll see the list of linked results. The keyword can be a brand, a color (e.g. red), a category.

What is a coupon?

The coupon is an alphanumeric code (5YFNVTX) that applies at the end of the order.

The code can apply to the entire order or only to certain items.

Discount codes cannot be combined.

How to use a coupon

You can enter the discount code both at the “Payment” stage and at the time of the confirmation of the order, in the “Discount code” space. Click “Use voucher” and the value of the coupon will be scaled from the total to be paid.

Why can’t I use my voucher?

The coupon must be used on a minimum amount of expense and may have a limited period.

Terms of use are always specified next to the code you receive by email or on the site’s homepage.

You can only use one coupon for each order.

In case the system does not accept your voucher, you will be given the reason for non-use (minimum expense not reached, item excluded from promotion, discount code expired).

I cancelled the order, why can’t I use the voucher anymore?

The voucher only applies to a single use so even if you cancel your order you will no longer be able to use it.

You must be registered to purchase

If you already have a JSS account, simply click “Sign in” and enter the email address and password you chose when you signed up.

Forgot your password?

Click “Forgot your password” and we’ll send you an email to create a new one.

If you are a new customer you will need to register. Click “I’m a new customer” and enter your details, including first name, last name, email address and create a password to access your account.

To complete the registration click on “Create an account” and complete the subscription by entering other important data for the purchase, such as your address or phone number.

When you enter your address, the system may tell you a fix, such as traverse instead of away.

If the address you typed is the right one, click “Address you entered” and confirm.

How I change my account information

Sign in to your account and click “My data” On this page you can change your full name, password, email linked to your account and enter your mobile number.

When you enter your address, the system may tell you a fix, such as traverse instead of away.

If the address you typed is the right one, click “Address you entered” and confirm.

If you want to change your addresses, click “edit address”. Changing the address on the main page will not automatically change the address of orders that have already been completed, only the address for future orders.

Password recovery

If you no longer remember your password, click “require password” when you sign in to and you’ll receive an email to create a new one.

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your JSS account, send us a request using one of the contact methods at the bottom of this page.

Remember to always indicate the email you’re registered with on JSS. This is critical to identifying you.

We can delete your account if:

there are no open payments

there are no returns in processing

none of your orders are yet in shipping.

If your orders can still be returned, if the 14 days available are not yet passed, your account can only be deleted at the end of this period.