very sophisticated Squeeze Girl!!

photo  The Giaro

starring   Victoria Papkovic

make up Irina Zdeara

all  look available at


Under Giaro's lenses any girl become a super girl, any outfit a super look to spread around the city. His touch of light just so simple but also so completed. He delighted us with another fashion story, going out of the same fashion path, giving us a bit of emotion....that in fashion is never too much.

LOOK AT ME......

Transparency reveals the imaginary and to close the eyes gives light to thoughts. The eyelids open and the look is already fixed in front of the lens and beyond the shot. Inscrutable as a moment only dreamed of. The space is illuminated. Behind a lighthouse, she can only be there, between before and after. A short or endless story that prints time over a film. Beyond a bold and elegant profile, in the chiaroscuro of the fabrics and accessories studied and in the reflected shadows there is the moment of a flash. Between white and black, a thread of red and just a blue, the strategy of contrasts.A photographic story is an aesthetic narrative that reveals the secret of an image. Beauty cannot be hidden. 

......and............who will be the next Squeeze girl shooting for us in Milan???

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